Botanical offerings for Witchcraft and wellness.

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My name is Sabbatha and I create botanical offerings for Witchcraft and wellness. I've been a practicing Witch since 1990.
My obsession with plant medicines and occult herbalism started with my love of literature and ancient tales.

The bookshelves of my childhood home were lined with classics and myth. Intrigued by the macabre ingredients used by Medieval Witches, Shakespeare’s Weird Sisters, the contents of Circe’s cup, and the deadly plants in Hecate’s garden, I was inspired to learn more. From this, it developed a passion for plants, gardening, medicinal herbs, and folklore.

And the love of such things can easily lead one to Witchcraft.

Outside of the occasional use of oils for aromatherapy, my interest in herbalism was entirely Craft related until I was well into adulthood. I felt drawn to healing in a quiet environment. When my only child was old enough that I felt comfortable being home a bit less, and I enrolled in massage therapy and natural health college where we were taught other therapeutic uses for essential oils, the importance of carrier oils, and safety. After I graduated I used oil blends on my clients based on their complaints with good results. I’d been a city dweller for the most part of my life, having only a few houseplants, because of …cats, and a small community garden plot.

During that time, I thought a lot about the way plant lore, Witchcraft, medicine, and science are so deeply connected to one another, and how much I wanted to create something based on what I knew about that. I’ve made many of the items I offer here for my own family for some time but it wasn’t until I was blessed with space for a garden, and a wild meadow to forage from, that I was fully able to take on the task of sharing with others. I am wholly grateful for that and honored to offer what I make to fellow Witches or anyone who might seek the Magical and healing properties of herbs. 🌿

My botanical crafts are made from wildcrafted herbs from my meadow, neighboring forest, trusted sources, organic when possible, organic carrier oils, essential oils and my sincerest intent towards your Magic and healing.

Naturally, any Magical outcome will require effort on your part.
Again, thanks so much for stopping by! If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to message me here on Etsy, or send an email to:

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