Good Luck Charm Incense



“Tyche” incense is named for the Greek Goddess of fortune and prosperity. It is a blend of eleven herbs and oils traditionally associated with good fortune and money. I use this incense in addition to money drawing spell work. The herbs may also be added to a ritual bath instead of burned if you prefer. I also offer this blend in a salt bath soak.

Cloves have long been associated with success. When burned as incense they purify the space and attract riches.

Goldenrod is used in money spells and spells for good fortune

Cinnamon burned as an incense is protective, money drawing, and promotes success.

Basil is a known symbol of wealth, harmony, business, and money.

Mint is a prolific grower, therefore heavily associated with wealth and abundance.

Alfalfa holds the virtues of grounding, money, and prosperity. It is used in spells to banish poverty and hunger.

Sassafras attracts money and healing.

Frankincense has long been used in money drawing recipes, is purifying, and is added to luck sachets.

Lavender holds the powers of attraction and prosperity

Sweet Orange Oil is used to attract luck, money, and prosperity

Bergamot Oil is traditionally associated with protection and money drawing.

This blend is an incense is NOT for intended for consumption.

While I stand by my work and believe plants and oils are imbued with Magic simply by the nature of their existence, I must tell you that this information is for curio purposes only.