Hex Breaker Bath Salt



1 oz. package Hex Breaker Bath Salt

Hex Breaker bath soak is made with herbs and plant oils traditionally used for protection, uncrossing and unhexing and a dash of black salt and ash from New Moon ritual fire.
Use this salt as a ritual bath before your own unhexing work or use it alone as added protection against bad energy or those who may not have your best interest at heart.

Thorned and stinging protective herbs have been chosen for this bath. Sharp objects like thorns, nails and glass have been traditionally used in Witchcraft to protect the home and keep negative spirits at bay.

Hawthorn is protective in both magic and health. Sacred to Ares, the god of war, it is a classic purification and banishing herb.

Stinging Nettles; Long used in protective magic, it aids in healing and dispelling negativity.

Rose: Protection, dispelling negativity and evil, purification, and healing.

Uncrossing and unhexing oils

Rosemary: Protection, purification, clearing negativity, and healing. Used in banishing and binding spells, and aids in releasing hexes

Frankincense: Banishes negativity and provides psychic protection

Bay: Builds energy, enhances defensive magic, consecrates the sacred space, and removes hexes.

Juniper: Effective defense against negative magic, overcoming problems, releasing toxic emotions.

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