Botanical print set of 3



Deadly Nightshades black and white art prints set of three.

These prints are approximately 5x7.
White ink on black card stock.
This print was created using a digital craft cutter and white gel ink. Prints may vary slightly.

A dense growth of fantasy, superstition, and legend surrounds ­­­-almost buries the Mandrake, which has been known for more than 3,000 years. Common in Mediterranean lands, it’s large rosette of dark green leaves grows close to the ground above a long fleshy forked root, which often resembles the legs and crotch of a human being. In Witchcraft, we associate this plant with divination, death protection and the invocation of love and desire.

Datura Known for its deadly poisonous toxins, psychoactive effects, prickly seedpods, and strikingly beautiful, 10-pointed flowers. In Witchcraft Datura guides us in sleep, astral travel, and hex breaking.

Belladonna is one of the most toxic plants found in the Eastern Hemisphere and consumption of only two to five berries can kill an adult. Its shiny black berries are reportedly sweet according to those who have lived to tell, and its flowers are quite stunning, making it a trickster among plants. In Witchcraft, we call upon Belladonna to aid us in trance, astral travel, and connecting to the Underworld.