Botanical print set of 3



Baneful Weeds black and white art prints set of three.

These prints are approximately 5x7.
White ink on black card stock.
This print was created using a digital craft cutter and white gel ink. Prints may vary slightly.

Tansy Vulgare is associated with death and immortality. The Greek Myths tell that Ganymede, the beautiful Trojan prince, was made immortal by taking Tansy after he was carried away to Mt. Olympus. In Witchcraft, tansy aids in cleansing, funerals, and hexes.

Wormwood is connected to the goddess Hecate. It is used in All Hallows or Samhain celebrations and is ready for harvest at that time of year. In Witchcraft, Wormwood aids us in scrying, divination, spirit work and banishing negativity.

Mugwort is also called dreamwork is connected to the Moon and lucid dreams. In Witchcraft we ask Mugwort for protection, women’s rituals, dreamwork, Midsummer, croning rituals and to aid in clairvoyance.