Catnip relaxtion healing herbal salve



Dream Kitten is a calming salve that is safe for use on children six months and older. This salve contains small amounts of lavender and petit grain essential oils. For this reason I cannot recommend use on younger children. If in question ask your child’s physician.

If you would like an essential oil free catnip salve, I will happily craft one for you upon request.


(Organic) Catnip is a soothing nervine that is especially good for nervousness or stress at bedtime. Used topically it is both mild and safe enough for babies and children. It should not be used during pregnancy.

In Witchcraft Catnip aids is in trance, shape shifting and animal spirit work, cats most specifically.

Lavender (essential oil) is a well known nervine that can ease tension and anxiety, and acts as a mild antidepressant in many people. It has an affinity to all body systems.

In Witchcraft lavender aids us in healing, purification, harmony and cleansing. It is sacred to Cernunnos, Hecate, Circe, and Saturn.

Petitgrain (essential oil) promotes emotional healing and eases muscle tightness. It can calm rapid heartbeats, relieve insomnia, and heal nervous anger. It fosters balance, strength, and kindness.

In Witchcraft Petitgrain aligns the root and heat chakras, offers personal protection, and aids in concentration and meditation. It is sacred to Bast and Sekhmet

This salve also contains organic beeswax and organic sunflower oil.


I recommend massing Dream Kitten into the soles for restful sleep, or on the stomach to ease cramping.

Cats may be attracted to this salve. One of mine is and my other two are not. Be aware if you have a kitty but are trying to rest. You may wish to put children needing sleep in a separate room.

Looking for a stronger sleep salve? Try the Dream Cat. Samples available upon request.

For topical use only. NOT A LIP BALM

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