Natural first aid herbal healing yarrow salve



Achilles “Heal” is named in honor of the Trojan War hero whose mother, Thetis, covered his heel with her hand as she bathed him in the Styx to protect him from harm.

It is a simple, one ingredient first aid salve crafted from the powerful and well-known healing herb, Yarrow.

Yarrow or Achillea millefolium is an herb I believe should be part of everyone’s herbal apothecary and natural first aid kit. Many herbs are dear to me for their own unique reasons, but Yarrow is one that I will not do without in the home.

The myth tells the Centaur physician Chiron taught the warrior Achilles of the healing benefits of the herb.

Millefolium is as it sounds, translates to a thousand leaves.

In Western Herbalism Yarrow can be helpful for conditions such as flu, hypertension, menorrhagia, painful menstruation, cold sores, and fever. It is hemostatic, making it an important herb for treating war injuries in ancient times. A spit poultice of Yarrow is effective on bleeding cuts. So, it’s a good one to know if you spend time outdoors.

Yarrow is best avoided internally during pregnancy. It is otherwise considered safe but should only be used medicinally as needed. Consult your doctor or naturopath if you have concerns before using this herb.

Folk names for yarrow include Devil’s Nettle, Field Hops (as it can brew a stronger beer than Humulus lupulus or common hops), Soldier’s Wound Wort, and Death Flower.

In Witchcraft, oftentimes plants that can aide us medically carry similar properties magically. Yarrow is associated with love, courage, clairvoyance, healing (emotionally and physically) strength, and cleansing. It is also associated with Midsummer celebrations.

That said, in some traditions, Yarrow’s spirit is called upon for quite the opposite. It may be added to hexing recipes as a catalyst or added to the ingredients when stuffing a doll or poppet with the intent to harm.

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