Nyx Tonic



Nyx is a tincture formulated with dream inducing herbs and nervines for deep sleep and relaxation. Named in honor of the Greek Goddess of night this formula is of Mugwort, lavender, and chamomile. It is a strong blend and you should be able to taste and smell the grassy and flowery notes in this tincture. Because of the energetics in this tincture, I have had vivid dreams of open meadows, and fjords sprinkled with wildflowers.

What will you dream of? 🌙


Organic Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) is known for its ability to promote vivid and lucid dreams. And, to encourage visions. While there is no scientific evidence supporting the use of Mugwort as an aid for lucid dreaming it has been used in this way in many spiritual practices for thousands of years. In Witchcraft, Mugwort offers gifts of clairvoyance, night travel, and prophetic dreams. It is ruled by the Moon and is sacred to Hecate, Artemis, and Nyx. Mugwort is well known as a uterine stimulant. For this reason, it should be avoided during pregnancy and while nursing. Mugwort may cause a rection in people with an allergy to plants in the Asteraceae or daisy family.

Organic lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a mood lifting and relaxing nervine. It has also been reported to relieve headaches in some. It is a mild sedative and can help relieve anxiety, stress, and insomnia. In Witchcraft lavender offers meditation and peace. It is sacred to Hecate, Cernunnos, Circe, and serpent goddesses.

Organic German chamomile (Matricara recutita) is a mild sedative and nervine. It can calm the nerves and settle the stomach. It is widely regarded as a mild tranquillizer and sleep-inducer. In Witchcraft chamomile offers peace, healing, and regeneration. It is sacred to Cernunnos and Ra. Chamomile is considered safe for most people. It may decrease the effectiveness of birth control.

Instructions: Shake well. Everyone’s tolerance is different. Start with between 10-20 drops in water or juice before bed.

I offer a similar formula as an herbal tea blend with hibiscus added for added flavor and relaxation.

Herbal Tea For Restful Relaxation and Prophetic Dreams https://etsy.me/3cdm3NL

Please consult a physician or naturopath before starting the use of unfamiliar herbs. DO NOT CONSUME IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. NOT FOR USE FOR BABIES OR CHILDREN.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Though I stand by my work I must mention that Witchcraft information for curio purposes only.