Hygieia Hydrating Hand Sanitizer



2oz travel size moisturizing hand sanitizer.

Named in honor of the Greek goddess of hygiene and health. Hygieia contains 70% alcohol content to kill germs and viruses.

Alcohol is very drying to the skin, and in these times we’re more conscious of the frequency and length time with our hand washing. This can cause our skin to become very chapped and uncomfortable.

Sometimes we just don’t have sink and soap available. In these instances we can rely on alcohol based hand sanitizers to get the job done.

This formula offers some nourishment for tired hands in addition to its germ killing capabilities.


70% isopropyl: Read more about its effectiveness at the CDC link

Lavender infused organic aloe vera gel is key in this formula for healing overworked and dry hands. Aloe has been used for over two thousand years and has been referred to as a miracle plant. It works to improve collagen formation and is known as a powerful wound healer and skin penetrator.
In Witchcraft the aloe plant offers the gifts of healing, protection, and spiritual development. It is ruled by the Moon and the element of water. It is sacred to Artemis and Amun Ra.

Mandarin red essential oil is wound healing, antiseptic, and anti inflammatory. As a plus, it is uplifting. In aromatherapy it promotes positive thinking.
In Witchcraft mandarin oil is associated with kindness, spiritual development, confidence, clearing negative thoughts, clarity, and inspiration. We can’t have too much of these good things when times are challenging as they are for some of us now. It corresponds with the sun, water, and fire.

Lemongrass essential oil is anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti microbial. It helps clear mind chatter, promotes positive thinking, and helps quiet nervous energy.
In Witchcraft lemongrass oil offers mental clarity, focus, grounding, centering, and purification. It is associated with Gemini, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the element of air.

Palmarosa essential oil is cleansing, antimicrobial, wound healing, and has positive effects on the circulatory system. It is soothing to the nerves, mind clearing, and heart centering.
In Witchcraft palmarosa oil helps us enhance our ability to focus, encourages personal growth, and emotional strength. It corresponds with Cancer, Pisces, Venus, water, and air.

This hand sanitizer also contains a small amount of vegetable glycerin for hydration. It is a humectant, and helps keep water in the the skin.

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